Welcome to the Midas Han. This Hotel - Camping complex offers you a comfortable place to stay. Wıth its 9 rooms and 26 beds, a campsite and a stylish restaurant / salon; it is the hub for tourists who want to explore the Phrygian Highlands. The Highlands with its wild nature and geology is peppered with archaeological monuments and sites. One can here excperience the Central Anatolian culture. For hikers who reach this village on their way along the Phrygian Way it is one of the very few stops with facilities..
It is a place for active holydays or just to get rest and recover of your daily life.

Reservations and bookings for people in Europe can be made by
Timeless Turkije Tours,  website: http://info@timelessturkije.nl 
 or  0031 (0)6-30030310

Visitors and guests please inform us about your plans at least two days ahead of your arrival, so we can give you the service that we advertize....
(in-check time after 13.00 / out-check time 11.00 hours)

way to contact us:      


phone 0090 (0) 533 484 6863 for Turkish
phone 0090 (0) 532 788 4718 for English & Dutch

Hotel Prices*

- 50 Euro per person per day includes breakfast & dinner (half board,  MAP, half pension)
  all extra services listed below are included

- Long staying guests can get a reduction on the hotel fee ('long staying' means here longer than 4 days).  
- Children 0-6 years old are free of charge, between 7-12 years old: 50%.**

The 60 Euro price includes:
  1. Transport (25 km) from Seyitgazi to the Midas Han on the first day and reverse on the last day of your stay (if needed).
  2. King Size breakfast and dinner.
  3. Wi-Fi
  4. Hiking assistance for daytrips, set-out hikes with GPS for archaeology and nature trails, birdwatching, photography and rock-climbing, cross-country skiing and logistic support for long hikes.
  5. Navigation equipment: GPS, compass and maps.
  6. Hiking materials for daytrips like; backpacks, cups & plates, pan & burner, coffee or thee, soup etc.  
  7. First Aid equipment.
  8. The pick up by car after long daytrips that started from the Midas Han to return to the Midas Han (days 1, 2 and 3).
  9. Transport to the starting point of a far away daytrip and pick up in the evening (from day 4 onwards)
  10. Although Wi-Fi is provided for the individual guests, the Midas Han has no TV to garantee a restful admosphere in the salon.

*   Payments are done in cash (TL, Euro or Dollars) at the end of the stay or by bank ahead of time. Midas Han has no bankcard/creditcard 'machine'. The nearest ATM is 25 km away in Seyyitgazi.
** This is only valid if both parents or partners pay the full fee in one room, if one parent stays with more children younger than 6 years old: only one is free and the other(s) pay(s) the half fee(s). The children are the natural children of the guests as can be shown by paspoort or by identity card. Children of 7 years and older pay the full price for the camping.

*** Free of charge transport to faraway (>40 km) startingpoints and from faraway endpoints to the Midas Han; starts with the 4th day of 'long staying guests' of the hotel section of Midas Han. Short staying guests and camping guests will be charged for this service (long staying guests means here: 4 days and longer).

Not included
  1. Consumptions other than served during breakfast (Tea and Coffee).
  2. The fees of a guide for hikes that run more days. 
  3. Fees for special courses that might be given during the summer season.
  4. Private guide fee; per day 100 Euro.

Camping Prices   

- Per person:  25 TL per day

- Children 0-6 years old are free of charge*.

-The prices do include: - use of the campsite facilities.
-The prices don't include: - the optional breakfast (25 TL 
for hotel/camping guests) and    dinner (50 TL) in the restaurant section of the hotel. 
- Transver from and to Seyitgazi (30 lira: one way, up to 3 persons).
- For use of the 'FIRE-PIT' you have to bring your own firewood.

- The camping is not suiteble for caravans and campers; since the ground is too soft.  
- The camping is no picknick area for 
non residents
- Cars have to be parked on the parking place outside the compound.
- The camping facilities are open between the 1st of April till the 1st of November

* These are children accompanied by their own parents

The Hostel

- One person per bed, per night with use of own sleeping bag:  35TL*
- One person per bed, per night with use of Midas Han's blankets and sheets:                   50 TL per day  

*The prices include: a pillow and the use of the campsite facilities.

The prices do not include: - the optional breakfast (25 TL: for hotel/camping guests) and - dinner (50 TL: for hotel/camping guests) in the reataurant section of the hotel.

Not suitable for unguarded children; unless you rent all 5 beds and at least one adult spents the night with the children.

Sunday Brunches between 10.00 and 14.00 hours:   30 TL   per person

Reservation for these brunches is needed

To confirm your stay at Midas Han, please pay circa 25% of the total fee ahead 
 of time in one of our banks:

Turkish Liras
Nihal Temucin Czichon - Benni Claasz Coockson
Ziraat Bankasi – Seyitgazi Şube
Iban: TR 1500 0100 0262 3740 0800 5010
Benni Claasz Coockson 
TR09 0006 2000 3930 0009 0959 33
Garanti Bankasi, Bilkent Şube, Ankara

US Dollars

Benni Claasz Coockson
TR67 0006 2000 3930 0009 0956 65
Garanti Bankasi, Bilkent Şube, Ankara

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